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I was watching last evening’s episode of CSI when right there in the middle of the show was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s The Arrow and the Song. Imagine my surprise! So I had to look it up.

Here’s the description from the episode entitled “Ending Happy.”

Moments later, an old man named Milton calls them [CSIs]  into his trailer, which sits next to Happy’s. “Somebody shot my wife,” he says, pointing to a bloody arrow sticking out of a wall portrait of his late spouse. Milton quotes a Longfellow poem, “The Arrow and the Song,” but Nick mistakes it for simple ramblings of an old man and brushes it off. He’s focused on the flight path the arrow would have taken, directly over the blood drops outside. The missile was fired from the tool shed. On the ground is another arrow, shot into the dirt. Back inside, Sara gives Milton something to smile about, completing the words of his poem from memory. “Keep the faith,” she tells him, and he gives his late wife’s photo a loving wink.

***Update on October 25, 2007. In response to John Smith’s comment below, I found the misquote on YouTube. You can see it here. I tried to insert it with a comment, but the video reference doesn’t work in the comment field…

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Wordsworth Rap

This is a learning experience for me, too. I finally figured out how to include video directly on the site. So here is the Wordsworth Rap that I mentioned in the earlier post.

If you come across other resources that you’d like to share with everyone, send me an email with a URL. I’ll post it.

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