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Frances gave me permission to post this little ode that her muse gave to her when she was cleaning out the black stuff in her refrigerator last week.

Philosophy in a Refrigerator

Wouldn’t it be something if everything
You could own had to be kept
In a refrigerator lest it spoil.
Not that you would have to cool
Your sneakers or watch or portrait in oil,
Or bedstead or beaded lamp or shiny new car,
But what if you couldn’t own those and all
That you could own would have to be shared
And eaten within a week, to avoid
Food poisoning, which would benefit no one.
And wouldn’t it be something if everyone
Understood that life was to be shared
And enjoyed within its time, or goodness
Knows, it will expire, and benefit no one.

                                                                               —-fwp 2/4/08

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