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Did I Miss Anything asks Tom Wayman (thanks Karen). I missed our December gathering, sadly. But folks were taking good notes and forwarded on the poems that were shared.

This was our first meeting with a theme. Frances chose “work.”

Dear fellow rhymers and readers
I received a suggestion about themes
But as a group without definite leaders
Might I suggest Labor or work as one
this time?If you haven’t yet chosen a poem,
Google Work or Mondays, or some
Such rhyme for tomorrow’s tea
And we shall celebrate the lack thereof
As we kick back and read free.

Here are our work poems. She wrote me that they were very diverse with a couple of them “containing enough interesting elements to make them the equivalent of a book.” Just don’t work too hard while reading them.

Philip Levine (1928- ) Pulitzer prize winner, 1994-  bio 

 The Two

Wang Ping (1957- )

On a Playground in Park Slope

Edwin Markham (1985-1940) – bio

The Man with the Hoe – a tribute to Jean Millet’s painting

The Man with the Hoe by Jean Millet

Johan Esser and Wolfgang Langhoff

Die Moorsoldaten (Peat Bog Soldiers) – a political resisatance song composed in a German concentraton camp. Lyrics are here. Audio is here in English and here in German.

Brandon Adamson  – bio

Workout Plan

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